The Viking Life: Taking The Brand Beyond The Kitchen.

Over a decade ago, The Ramey Agency was tapped to help Viking Range Corporation enhance the Viking brand by developing and promoting a lifestyle brand extension called The Viking Life. Through The Viking Life we were able to cultivate a more meaningful relationship with consumers by offering them enriching content and experiences, giving them a taste of the Viking life, … Continue reading →

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Ditch The One-Way Mirror. Live With Your Consumer.

In today’s marketing world of confined budgets, the costly option of consumer ethnography research may seem a luxury of more prosperous times. However, Ramey has recently conducted two projects in which ethnography provided invaluable insights that averted costly missteps and perhaps disastrous results. Arguably, the “costly” ethnography investment could actually generate a return on investment by reducing mistakes and providing … Continue reading →

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Marketer As Detective: Learning How To Profile Your Target.

After bingeing on NBC’s new fall show, The Blacklist, it occurred to me there are very real similarities between the way marketers and criminal detectives work. The responsibility of the show’s heroine, Liz Keen (who, btw, is most likely the secret daughter of James Spader’s character Red Reddington), as an FBI profiler is to create a backstory for the … Continue reading →

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Viking Range: Building The Brand That Became An Icon.

oysterDon’t Sell a Product. Offer a Brand Experience.

When long-time Ramey client, Viking Range, was acquired by the Middleby Corporation earlier this year, the purchase price of $380 million represented one of the highest multiples in the category. That price came as no surprise to those who followed Viking’s meteoric rise to become one of … Continue reading →

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Toss The Cute Kittens And Win On YouTube.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world with 1 billion unique monthly visitors, viewing 6 billion hours of video every month. Every minute of the day, there are 100 additional hours of fresh content being uploaded. And the biggest takeaway from this little peek into YouTube? It attracts nearly half of all internet users.

Like me. I’m a … Continue reading →

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Passion: A Post-Recession Commodity.

jim3Everyone can agree that the past several years have been extremely difficult. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on something that can take a significant hit during a tough economy: passion. After all, when an economy gets lean, you can find yourself handling new responsibilities, doing less or – in some cases – doing twice as much, which can make it difficult … Continue reading →

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Can Eli Repeat? Eli Campaign Goes Second Year. BankPlus Wins.

Last year, Ramey created a new concept for BankPlus television, “What if Eli Manning Never Played Football?” In that alternate universe, Eli was transformed from a football star into a pizza delivery guy and an entertainer at a kids’ arcade. The message – even if Eli wasn’t a star, he’d still be treated like one at BankPlus.

When BankPlus and … Continue reading →

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Stuff We’re Reading From Around the Web

Check out some of our most interesting and entertaining finds from around the web this month.

Content Marketing – yes, it’s buzzworthy, but should you be paying attention?

Do you need a dedicated Twitter handle for customer service communication? GM says yes.

The world’s first TV spot aired over 70 years ago.

Responsive websites vs. native apps. … Continue reading →

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The World’s Second Oldest Profession Is Improved By Technology.


Today, the most creative minds in advertising aren’t necessarily inventing snappy slogans or striking imagery. The new rock stars of advertising are in the media department – using digital technology to reach individual customers with highly-targeted messages. They’re taking full advantage of Big Data and the ability to capture and interpret customer behaviors like never before.

Most consumers have no … Continue reading →

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Think Before You Go Mobile. Applying Old Rules To New Media.

timeMashable recently released an article about the importance of “dayparting” your mobile media buy. It provides some keen insights on leveraging mobile to reach your audience, which is critical not only to mobile, but to any advertising channel. That made us take a step back and think… so many marketers are getting distracted by the new “shiny” advertising vehicle that … Continue reading →

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